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Tadeusz Mirosz
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Photograper, aikidōka, dad

If I were to quickly introduce myself to you, I’d probably use just these three words. But then the rest of the page would be empty! So let me elaborate a little bit. I’m a graduate of Warsaw School of Economics who discovered that photography is more fun than quantitive methods and information systems. I turned my hobby into vocation and had been working as a photographer for the past twenty odd years. I do event photography, weddings and portraits. I have worked for multinational corporations, Citibank, Roche, CaixaBank, FermantleMedia, Nutricia, Sanofi, Santander, WeberShandwick, Bridgestone, DnB, Mary Kay, took pictures of sportsmen, scientists, celebrities. I have my photo studio in Warsaw, but I will travel wherever the assignment will take me. I believe that in photography pictures speak louder than words, so I will not bore you with technical details of the job or my private philosophy of art. Just check out my portfolio.

Aikido is my passion.

It combines fluid movement with energy flow, body control with freedom of the mind. I will not try to find any parallels between photography and Aikido, though maybe there are. Suffice to say, I like taking photos of people practicing martial arts. Btw - I’m 3rd dan Aikido Aikikai myself.

Last but not least - I’m a dad.

My son is the most important person in my life ( pardon for being so trivial, but I just can’t phrase it in any other way). When I don’t work, I hang out with him.  I do take his pictures, obviously, but that is a completely different story.

Let’s get to know each other and talk about your project.